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Coffee-lover’s heaven. Microbrewery central. Mecca of eco-consciousness. These terms can all be associated with Portland, Oregon. And, according to Forbes, you can add “Best Place for Business and Careers” in the United States to that list. That is all thanks to a rosy growth outlook and a sizable population of highly-educated, forward-thinking millennials.

Sales recruiters in Portland, OR are busy, and likely to get busier as businesses increasingly seek to stake their claim on a piece of this growth. If you are one of them, you might find the competition for top sales recruits daunting.

This is why partnering with Portland, OR sales recruiters such as ACA Talent might prove to be one of your wisest decisions when filling sales positions—especially when you have a large number of positions to fill. Our extensive network and experience placing talented salespeople and sales executives can save you a lot of time, money, and aggravation.

ACA Talent are leading Portland, OR sales recruiters

How do you find talent? Are you poring through applications received via Internet job websites? Performing endless LinkedIn searches and sending InMails? Or perhaps you’re setting up a booth at the local job fair, hoping that the right candidate will happen to stop by. While these methods can surface a handful of quality candidates, for the most part, they’re inefficient. If you are trying to fill dozens or hundreds of positions, you need a better solution.

ACA Talent’s experienced sales recruiters specialize in the bulk hiring of sales personnel. When you partner with us, you will receive candidates who can not only sell, but whose personal goals and attitudes align with your company’s culture. We get to know our candidates as people, not just a set of data points. This holistic approach better serves everyone in the hiring process—from candidates to HR staff to management—because we don’t try to fit square pegs into round holes.

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Better, more efficient placements

Recruiters in Portland, OR, such as ACA Talent, are valuable partners in your search for the best possible candidates, especially when you need to fill jobs in a hurry. We specialize in performing all stages of sales recruitment, from sourcing through placement. And our experience across many industry verticals allows us to serve just about any firm.

Whether you need to build a sales team or need to find just the right executive to lead it, ACA Talent saves you time and money with our humanized vetting process. We get to know the local talent pool in a way most other Portland, OR sales recruiters cannot, and this allows you access to the best talent possible.

ACA Talent can help source and filter the best candidates for sales job roles such as:

  • Inside and outside sales reps
  • Call center staff
  • Team leaders and managers
  • Sales executives
  • And more

We’d love to show you how our sales recruitment solutions can make the process more rewarding for you and your sales candidates. Contact professional Portland, OR sales recruiters.

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My recruiter at ACA Talent intuitively knows what kinds of candidates I want to see, so I don’t have to see four candidates to get the one that I want.

- Field Sales Manager -

I spend zero time recruiting now that we’re working with ACA Talent. I don’t have to pound the pavement to find people.

- Route Sales Manager, Snack Food Brand

In the past, recruiting all fell on the sales manager’s shoulders. It used up so much of our time at the expense of running our business. ACA Talent has made it possible for me to focus on my job with little concern over manpower. It’s like pushing the “easy” button with them.

-Regional Sales Manager, Security Firm