ACA Talent Supports National Route Sales Operations Through Scalable Recruitment Optimization

Assessing the Challenge

This client manufactures, markets, and distributes a variety of snack food products throughout the United States to supermarkets and restaurants across hundreds of sales routes.  

Without the assistance of any applicant tracking technology, recruitment was the responsibility of each local sales manager, consuming a significant portion of the workweek. Open routes required a temporary driver, resulting in an estimated revenue loss of 15% per week due to inefficiency. Using online job postings and referrals, the average cycle time to fill a position was 42 days. Candidate quality remained below expectations, resulting in high turnover.

Designing the Solution

The program’s qualification process integrated with the client’s assessment tool to determine the best candidate profiles. Throughout the process, ACA Talent measured key performance indicators to provide critical feedback and offer process improvement recommendations.

Measurable Results

  • Open requisitions slashed by 67%
  • Reduced cycle time by 25%, placing qualified candidates faster.
  • Hiring managers spend 80% less time recruiting.

Additional Program Values

  • Career Center to promote opportunities and capture applications.
  • Post-Hire Consulting on retention to reduce turnover.
  • Pricing based on process efficiencies, versus percentage of hire’s salary.

By implementing a long-term solution, and maintaining performance objectives with clear communication at all levels, this Sales Recruitment Optimization (SRO) program has made a significant impact on the client’s recruitment operations in efficiency, cost savings, and candidate quality, leading to higher revenues.

For more information about how ACA Talent’s SRO solutions can help streamline your route sales recruitment process to hire better quality candidates and drive revenues, call us at 888-750-5627.

“In the past, recruiting was very time consuming. I spend zero time recruiting now that we’re working with ACA Talent. I don’t have to pound the pavement to find people.”
                                 – Route Sales Manager

My recruiter at ACA Talent intuitively knows what kinds of candidates I want to see, so I don’t have to see four candidates to get the one that I want.

- Field Sales Manager -

I spend zero time recruiting now that we’re working with ACA Talent. I don’t have to pound the pavement to find people.

- Route Sales Manager, Snack Food Brand

In the past, recruiting all fell on the sales manager’s shoulders. It used up so much of our time at the expense of running our business. ACA Talent has made it possible for me to focus on my job with little concern over manpower. It’s like pushing the “easy” button with them.

-Regional Sales Manager, Security Firm