Turning Your Sales Job Descriptions from Ho-hum Into Hocus Pocus

Be Bold & Stand Out

With so many companies searching for sales reps, how do you stand out from a crowded playing field? And what terms can you use besides top performers, self-motivated and superstars?

Perhaps it’s time to unleash your inner thoughts and write a sales job description that illustrates your true desires in a candidate, like the example below for aChief Sales Wizard (aka Sales Rep Extraordinaire). Or at least maybe this inspires you to “work some magic” and be more creative with your existing descriptions? We hope so!

Job Posting Example for a “Chief Sales Wizard”

Are you tired of the same old sales job descriptions that put you to sleep faster than a boring PowerPoint® presentation? Well, hold on to your briefcases because we've got the perfect gig for you: Chief Sales Wizard (akaSales Rep Extraordinaire).


  1. Master the art of persuasion: You'll be charming customers faster than a smooth-talking superhero. With your ability to always say the right thing and your irresistible personality, you'll have clients eating out of the palm of your hand.
  2. Break sales records like a boss: We don't settle for mediocrity around here. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you will because you don’t back down from any goal), is to obliterate sales targets and leave your competition crying in their cubicles. Show them what you're made of!
  3. Be a problem-solving ninja: When customers come knocking with their quirkiest dilemmas, you'll swoop in like a silent crusader, armed with creative solutions and a zest for turning their frowns upside down. No problem is too big, too small, or too bizarre for your genius mind.
  4. Cultivate client relationships: You'll be a relationship guru, building bonds with clients that are stronger than super glue. With your charm, wit, and a sprinkle of magic dust, you'll transform first-time customers into lifelong advocates. Welcome to the League of Loyal Clients!
  5. Embrace rejection like a champ: Rejection is just a minor inconvenience to you. You'll turn "no" into an opportunity to showcase your unwavering determination and turn it into a "yes"     faster than you can say "sales rockstar."


  1. Mastery of the Jedi® Mind Trick (or equivalent mind control techniques).
  2. The ability to juggle flaming swords while reciting the alphabet backward (not mandatory, but it'd be impressive).
  3. A sense of humor sharp enough to cut through titanium. We appreciate a good office prank as much as the next person.


  1. Unlimited high-fives and fist bumps from your fellow Sales Wizards.
  2. A cape and wizard hat (must be worn during office hours).
  3. A secret stash of cookies and a bottomless supply of coffee (to fuel for your sales magic).
  4. Quarterly sales competitions with the chance to win a magical vacation to a destination of your choice (including Harry Potter's® Hogwarts® School of Witchcraft and Wizardry included).


This job description may cause uncontrollable bouts of laughter and an irresistible urge to apply immediately. Side effects may include excessive confidence, increased charisma, and occasional bouts of "dad joke syndrome."

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So, if you're ready to join our team of enchanting sales superheroes and conquer the sales universe, dust off your wand, and send us your resume now. We can't wait to see you work your magic!

Sales Job Descriptions Don’t Have to Be Boring

While the sales job description example above may be more far-fetched than you’re comfortable using, don’t be afraid to include some creativity or “magic” in your next one. It might just be the difference that attracts your next SalesRep Extraordinaire!

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