Managing Candidate Expectations

"What percentage of job seekers says they value transparency from an employer?"

D. 96%

Looking for a new opportunity can be quite traumatic for many people, especially if they are currently unemployed with financial or family obligations. Sales recruiters have the ability to provide not just a job but a positive recruiting experience, regardless of the outcome.  

There are a few things employers can do to ensure the candidate has a great experience while uncovering the right person for the role. These easy wins for your organization include:  

  • Interview experience
  • Transparency
  • Feedback

The Interview Experience

The interview experience tops the list and, with preparation, is an easy way to win over a candidate from their very first impression. Make sure everyone who meets the candidate is prepared, including the front desk person greeting them upon arrival, where candidates start formulating their opinion.

Cabdudate Expectations

A warm welcome always helps ease tension and highlights the type of culture you have to offer. Be on time, and don’t keep candidates waiting in the lobby any longer than necessary.

The interview room should be clean, well-organized, and comfortable to continue alleviating any nerves since your goal is to get the best out of the candidate. Before you begin, share your agenda and ask if there is anything else the candidate would like to include, showing consideration for their needs.

If you have a time constraint, ensure it is clearly communicated, optimizing the time you spend together. And always encourage questions, which are a great way of gauging their interest and understanding of the role.


Transparency or authenticity are rare qualities for the candidate and interviewer to have during the interview process. Creating this environment will go a long way to learning how good a fit you are for each other and save valuable time. Don’t be afraid to provide candid feedback and ask tough questions that get below surface information.

Be honest with the candidate, especially about why the position is open, your expectations, flexibility within the work environment, compensation and company standing. Building trust will allow for the transparency and authenticity you seek.


Feedback and follow-up is the number one complaint from candidates when searching for a job. Staying in touch with them is crucial whether they’re at the application stage, post-interview, or background check process. This is one time when overcommunicating is nearly impossible.  

Start by thanking them for applying in a sincere way. Even automated emails can be tailored to demonstrate care and consideration for the candidate.

After the interview, let them know what the next steps look like and when they will occur. If they aced the interview, tell them and, at the same time, solicit their feedback. I always default to asking, “On a scale of 1-10, how does this role meet your expectations?”

Regardless of the answer, your response should always be, “Why do you feel that way?” This provides an opportunity for you to address any concerns and increase your chances of being their employer of choice.

Likewise, if they are not the right match, there are plenty of ways to convey your feedback in an honest and compassionate way, and perhaps they, too, may add some additional facts about their capabilities to overcome your concerns that could help you reconsider the decision.

How to Manage Expectations While Providing a Quality Candidate Experience

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Provide a warm welcome
  • Prepare the interview room
  • Set the agenda
  • Be authentic and build trust
  • Does the role meet their expectations?
  • Let candidates know if it’s not a match
  • Stay in touch

In such a competitive job market that leans in favor of the candidate, your ability to be an authentic leader will build trust and ultimately impact their decision-making process. Regardless of the size of your organization, delivering a great candidate experience is achievable for everyone and could be the difference between being the employer of choice or losing out on another great candidate

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