[Infographic] Employee Onboarding: Creating an Outstanding Experience

By Sabrina Balmick, Marketing Manager, ACA Talent

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and that’s doubly true when it comes to employee onboarding. Often, the employee onboarding process is your only chance to win over a new hire, who may already be wondering whether this is the right role for them. If your company is part of the 36 percent of employers without an employee onboarding structure, you may be well behind the curve.For organizations with a structured program for introducing new hires into the company in place, there may also be room for improvement. In fact, of the companies CareerBuilder recently surveyed, less than half included an overview of their business or outlined the expectations for their new hire.Because 69 percent of candidates still consider alternative opportunities on the first day of a new job, employers without a solid employee onboarding process may risk losing the hires they worked so hard to attract in the first place. The result is a revolving door of hires who don’t stay, and ultimately a business that can’t grow as much as it would like to.But employee onboarding doesn’t have to be complicated, and the process can engage everyone in the organization, even those who aren’t directly managing the new hire, so your culture flourishes with retention. To illustrate the importance of employee onboarding, we’ve put together an infographic to outline essential processes and top tips to help create a superb new hire experience.For even more tips, you can read our Guide to Employee Onboarding.

How to create an outstanding employee onboarding experience

Employee onboarding infographic

October 5, 2017

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