How to Communicate Effectively Throughout the Recruitment Process

by Amy Bernstein, Senior Sales Recruiter, ACA Talent

As talented recruiters and experienced managers, we all know how important it is during the interview process to make sure that all of our candidates possess the skills necessary to excel in the position.In doing so, we must keep in mind that recruiters and managers play a huge role in the overall interview experience. As the voice and face of the company, we have the power to shape the recruit’s first impression of the organization, so it’s crucial to present the company in the best light, while being as candid as possible about the position.

Whether we move forward with that individual or not, we still want him or her to walk away with a positive experience. An individual with a great interview experience is more likely to refer other qualified professionals, and remember the company’s brand, ultimately enhancing the organization’s overall reputation.

Here are a few techniques that can help make the recruitment process smoother for you and your potential hire, and help cultivate your employer brand.

1. Provide accurate information: When interviewing, always be professional, concise, and knowledgeable. When going through the details, of the position, make sure that you speak clearly, so that your candidate understands the job responsibilities and expectations. Although asking questions is important, don’t forget to address any questions the interviewee may have to help determine whether the opportunity is a fit and to ensure a win-win situation.

2. A little kindness goes a long way: Be personable, pleasant, and understanding. Keep it professional, but allow your recruit to open up about his or her career wants and needs and, create a comfortable interview environment.

3. Help your recruiter help you: Communicate effectively and build rapport with your recruiter. Relay any information that will assist in finding the candidate that meets your specifications. As you build a relationship with your recruiter, the individuals scheduled for you will more closely match your position requirements, cutting down on the number of interviews you conduct, making hiring a breeze.

4. Respect the candidate’s time. While we all know how disconcerting it can be when someone is tardy for a scheduled interview, potential employees may be similarly dismayed when hiring managers are late, leave them waiting, or forget entirely about their appointment. Your recruiter can help you select optimum interview times and help balance recruiting with crucial operational and sales activities. Remember to provide structure during the interview, including the position, company, compensation, and job expectations. This will allow you to spend enough time with the interviewee to learn how he or she might be a fit with your organization, and help create a more positive first impression.

5. Look at the big picture. When reviewing resumes, recognize key words and phrases, but keep in mind that a resume is a guide. Previous sales experience may be preferred, but individuals outside the industry might bring a whole new perspective to your business. A person’s drive, enthusiasm, determination, and attitude can often play a bigger role in his or her ability to be a successful addition to the team.

6. Provide timely feedback after the interview. Keep in mind that the candidate may be interviewing for other opportunities, so whether you have decided to move forward or not, let the recruiter know your intentions so he or she can advise the individual, adjust the search, or prepare for next steps in the recruiting process.

7. Be honest. Make sure to emphasize the company’s expectations for the position, and that both you and the company strive to create a positive work environment.

By choosing to build a positive rapport with those interviewing with your company, you are reinforcing the strengths of the organization. Your ability to communicate effectively and in a positive way has potential to set the tone for a successful future for that person, as well as for the organization.

November 11, 2018

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