Five Traits of a Good Sales Manager

When it comes to hiring sales managers, finding the right person for the job is the catalyst to driving business growth. The right sales manager will lead your sales team to success, meet revenue goals and ultimately grow your business. But how do you find the perfect candidate for the role? Use the traits of a good sales manager listed below to guide you in your search.

Consider All Traits of a Good Sales Manager

  1. Look for experience. One of the most important factors in hiring sales managers is their experience. Look for someone who has a track record of success in sales management, preferably in a similar industry to yours. According to a study by the Bridge Group, 65% of top-performing sales managers have been in a sales management role for at least five years.
  2. Seek out leadership skills. The best sales managers are effective leaders. They should be able to motivate and inspire their team to reach their goals. Look for candidates who have demonstrated leadership skills in their past roles.According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, 97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project.
  3. Check for communication skills. Communication skills are crucial for any sales manager. They need to be able to communicate effectively with their team, upper management and clients. Look for candidates who have strong written and verbal communication skills. A survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that 73.4% of employers rate communication skills as the most important attribute they look for in job candidates.
  4. Prioritize a data-driven approach. The best sales managers need to be able to analyze data to make informed decisions. Look for candidates who have experience working with data and analytics. According to a study by McKinsey & Company, companies that use data and analytics to make decisions are 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors.
  5. Focus on adaptability and creativity. The sales industry is constantly evolving, and a great sales manager needs to be able to adapt to change and come up with creative solutions to problems. Look for candidates who have demonstrated adaptability and creativity in their past roles. According to a study by Adobe, companies that foster creativity are 1.5 times more likely to have satisfied employees and 1.5 times more likely to be innovative.

Which Traits of a Good Sales Manager Are Most Important to Your Business?

Sales reps need leaders they respect, so when hiring it’s important to consider the traits of a good sales manager. While no candidate may have all desired traits, you should seek one with experience, leadership skills, communication skills, a data-driven approach, and adaptability and creativity. By finding the right person for the job, you'll be able to lead your sales team to success and grow your business. The alternative results in lost customers and high turnover, which ultimately hits the bottom line hard.

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August 15, 2023

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