Find the Right RPO Recruitment Model for Your Company

The best RPO recruitment partnerships are built upon highly-customized programs that demonstrate a strong understanding between your company and your RPO provider. In this case, the right RPO model can strongly influence the overall reach and success of your recruitment program. For that reason, designing an optimal recruitment program can ease the transition into your RPO partnership and allow you to see results from implementation and beyond.

1. Enterprise – This approach outsources all of your organization’s hiring needs or those from specific functional areas, such as sales representatives. Typically, enterprise RPO engagements span hundreds to thousands of hires annually.

Enterprise RPO models are end-to-end, meaning the RPO provider works on the entire recruitment process from sourcing through placement. Your RPO partner may also be involved through post-hire activities, such as onboarding. This model works best for companies in growth mode that have large recruitment needs and require ongoing recruitment support.

2. Project or Seasonal – If your business experiences peak periods or frequently sees fluctuating headcount requirements for large staffing endeavors, such as opening a new facility or building a new sales team, a project or seasonal RPO model may be suitable.

This option establishes short-term engagements that are either end-to-end or delivered for a portion of the process, such as front-end sourcing, interviewing, backend pre-employment checks, or employee onboarding. A project or seasonal approach to RPO includes a ramp-up period, support throughout the process, and then disengagement and review to conclude the project.

3. On-Demand – For clients seeking flexibility without an extensive RPO engagement, an on-demand model may be a fit. This model may include contract recruiting assistance for a period of time across specifically assigned positions. The degree of job order ownership on the RPO provider side will look different from a fully-outsourced partnership, and may not include all positions in the company or even all positions within a certain function.

Design a Custom RPO Recruitment Services Model

If you are still unsure which approach suits your needs, a leading RPO firm can offer creative and custom solutions. Be cautious of RPO service providers that filter your needs through a specific model without taking the time to understand your business and hiring needs today and in the future. Your RPO recruitment provider should be a partner and collaborator that can deliver a tailored approach to meet your ongoing expectations beyond today’s recruitment needs.

June 12, 2020

My recruiter at ACA Talent intuitively knows what kinds of candidates I want to see, so I don’t have to see four candidates to get the one that I want.

- Field Sales Manager -

I spend zero time recruiting now that we’re working with ACA Talent. I don’t have to pound the pavement to find people.

- Route Sales Manager, Snack Food Brand

In the past, recruiting all fell on the sales manager’s shoulders. It used up so much of our time at the expense of running our business. ACA Talent has made it possible for me to focus on my job with little concern over manpower. It’s like pushing the “easy” button with them.

-Regional Sales Manager, Security Firm