Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Sales Recruitment Optimization

Six Sigma, with a human touch.

Sales RecruitingSales recruiting not only requires specialized experience–it also requires a specialized process.

Without a proven process that accurately hires sales professionals, companies may risk losing great talent to lengthy, inefficient processes. This ultimately driving costs up and revenues down.

ACA Talent has perfected this sales recruiting process through its experience working with direct sales organizations. We develop personalized Sales Recruitment Optimization™ solutions using tested Recruitment Process Outsourcing best practices.

By studying the unique characteristics of sales professionals, we understand what works and what doesn't when recruiting sales people, so we can build the most effective solution.

We also use proven process management methodologies, such as Six Sigma, to validate our solutions and drive Continuous Process Improvement (CPI).

We aggressively drive efficiency by integrating recruitment technology into our process, allowing us to track progress, measure results, and facilitate CPI. This maintains our quality focus, while steadily eliminating waste and increasing efficiencies.

You see better candidates faster, and can make well-informed hiring decisions that help reduce vacancy rates and time-to-fill, as well as conserve costs.

Clients that engage with ACA Talent on high volume sales recruiting often see an efficiency increase by an average of 80%.

Scalable Sales Recruiting

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions also adjust to reflect the client's hiring volumes, adeptly accommodating high volume ongoing hiring requirements, seasonal fluctuations, or single placements.

Because our pricing model is based on efficiency, rather than salary, we're able to pass the savings along to you. You then see measurable increases in efficiencies and reductions in costs as we drive CPI over the life of the engagement–all while providing quality talent.

We ensure candidate quality by taking them through a systematic process that vets candidates against client objectives and unique regional requirements. This in-depth process, tailored toward profiling direct sales candidates, filters out unqualified candidates, while delivering the candidates that shine brightest.

By seamlessly aligning with our client's recruitment operations and taking the guesswork out of hiring top sales talent, you are able to focus valuable resources on running your core businesses–decreasing costs and increasing revenues.

Recruitment Efficiencies & Cost Savings

 By optimizing your sales recruitment process, ACA Talent can help your company drive efficiencies to:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Consistently deliver quality sales talent
  • Reduce vacancy rates and time-to-fill
  • Better control recruitment spending
  • Adjust to fluctuations in hiring volume
  • Customize programs based on regional nuances
  • Measure overall program performance
  • Implement process improvements

Implementing ACA Talent's SRO solutions improves overall recruitment process efficiency while helping you meet your revenue potential by hiring better sales resources.

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