Optimizing Your Sales Recruitment Process

Is your current talent acquisition process working?

Answering the following questions may help provide insight into better understanding whether it's the right time to optimize your sales recruitment process.Optimizing Recruitment Processes
  • Do you have a large sales team?
  • Is your company hiring due to expansion, attrition, or other factors?
  • Is employee turnover a challenge?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your sales team's performance?
  • Are you unable to find top talent consistently?
  • Does it take too long to fill open positions?
  • Are your sales managers and recruiters out of sync with each other?
  • Could you sell more with better sales talent?
  • Do you wish you had a better sense of how recruiting affects sales?

Did you answer yes to three or more questions?

Then it's time to investigate improvements in your sales hiring process.

How much more profitable and productive could you be with the right talent in place?

Whether you seek a full cycle recruitment solution or one targeted to specific aspects of the hiring process, you will be able to increase efficiency and drive savings with ACA Talent's sales recruitment solutions.

Companies that optimize their recruitment operations with ACA Talent, realize up to 80% in overall process efficiencies, resulting in increased sales, cost savings, and better quality hires.

With a broach reach across North America and over a decade of experience hiring sales professionals for some of the world's leading brands, we've consistently helped companies optimize their recruitment to hire better talent.

For more information on how your company may benefit from optimizing its sales recruitment processes, please contact us at 888-750-5627 or email sales@acatalent.com.

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