Sales Recruitment Optimization

Reeling in Sales Sharks

Sales RecruitingHoping to avoid these costly errors, and recruit those top producers quickly, companies rely on internal recruiters or external staffing vendors to fill their open sales positions. At times, this strategy can be costly–and not just in placement fees.

As generalists, these recruiters look for sales talent the same way they would for any other candidate: by relying on standard job descriptions. These may be appropriate for positions with specific requirements for education and experience.

Yet, top producing sales people don't fit comfortably into general molds.

The generalist recruiting on your open sales position may miss important cues from these candidates, and allow them to slip away. While typical recruiters are focusing on casting the broadest net to fill their quota, the sales sharks who may be chomping at the bait are getting away, leaving you with either an open position or a poor fit.

A sales recruiter, on the other hand, possesses the experience necessary to recognize these important cues from sales candidates, and target sales candidates who are exceptional, filling open positions faster with better talent. This is why a firm that specializes in recruiting top sales talent will always outperform these internal generalists. To find a great sales shark, you need more than just a big net, because sales people are a completely different kind of fish.

What makes ACA Talent different is our consistent ability to deliver A-players.

As sales recruiters, ACA Talent has specialized in finding those hard-to-find, top performing sales candidates for over a decade. Our sales recruiters do nothing but interview for sales positions every day. They understand what to look for in a great sales candidate that goes well beyond experience and education. Recruiting generalists are great at finding accountants and engineers. What makes ACA Talent different is our sales recruiters' consistent ability to deliver A-players.

This is why business leaders of some of the largest direct sales organizations trust ACA Talent to optimize their high volume sales recruitment process and find the best talent every time–allowing them to rest assured that they are filling their tank with the sharks and staying clear of the flounder.

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