Sales Recruitment Optimization

Fishing for Sales Sharks in an Ocean of Flounder

Have you ever...
  • Hired what you thought was the ideal salesperson, only to be disappointed with the results?
  • Brought on a salesperson with the right skills, but who wasn't the right fit?
  • Wished you could hire top sales producers the first time?

 If you answered "Yes!" to any of these scenarios, you are not alone.

Why's It So Hard to Recruit Top Sales Talent?

Sales RecruitmentIn today's shifting economic climate, it's difficult to meet revenue goals without the right sales resources in place.

Too often, sales teams are filled with average-level talent that doesn't understand how to effectively close business to meet their targets. At the same time, open headcounts can often translate into losses: in productivity, in revenue, in market share.

More than ever, strategic talent acquisition is critical to determining an organization's success.

You can't grow your company to its true sales potential without hiring top producers.

But with limited time, resources, and expertise, sales recruiting can sometimes come last on a manager's priority list. Managers under pressure to fill open headcounts may make quick-fix hires of near-miss candidates. Others, waiting to stumble across a sales superstar, may never fill their open positions.

In the end, these sales managers all make decisions with the resources provided, often at the expense of the company's competitive advantage. To build a successful sales organization, you need to recruit top talent with the skills to take your company to the next level. But it's tough to reel in the sales sharks when you're fishing in an ocean full of flounder.

Because most companies are looking to drive sales without increasing the costs of resources, hiring the right talent the first time is even more important.

If you were to look at your organization today, how much of your budgeted headcount is consistently unfilled?

How much more profitable and productive could your organization be if you not only filled your open head counts, but filled them with top producing sales talent?

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