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Jump-Starting a Stalled Sales-Recruitment Program

January 22, 2014 | posted in: Sales | tagged as: Recruiting, Interview Process, Sales Recruiting, Hiring Process
Every sales-recruiting effort needs revving up now and again. For companies facing recruiting challenges, this means rethinking not only who they hire but how they hire. After all, you can attract the best candidates, but if your hiring process isn’t efficient, you’ll lose more candidates than you ultimately hire.

You Get What You Pay For: Why It’s So Hard to Hire Sales People

November 18, 2013 | posted in: Sales | tagged as: Sales, Hiring Process, Compensation, Interview Process, Sales Recruiting, Recruiting
Demand for sales professionals continues to boom, even in our fluctuating job market. An search for sales positions in the U.S. yields over 770,000 results (versus marketing at 280,000 and human resources at 96,000). With so much competition for great sales hires, it’s no surprise that sales positions continue to rank among the hardest to fill.

A Super Mario Bros. Resume That One-Ups The Competition

October 25, 2013 | posted in: Industry Buzz | tagged as: Company Culture, Seasonal Hiring, Overtime, Hiring, Resumes, Videos, Compensation, Recruiting
One of the coolest resumes you’ll ever see; the surprising origin of interviews; what exactly a recruiter does; why Lady Gaga is responsible for overtime pay; how seasonal hiring is ramping up in 2013; the real cost of bad hiring decisions; Facebook’s 21st century company town; and why perks aren’t enough to keep good employees.