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Industry Buzz: How to sell without selling, and get the most out of social media

June 27, 2012 | posted in: Industry Buzz | tagged as: Sales, Hr, Social Media, Employee Relations, Selling, Links, Training
Too little time and too much to read? We've rounded up some of the best articles from around the web to help you get the most out of your reading time. This week: why it's not impolite to multitask in a meeting, how to sell by not selling, how to give feedback to an employee, LinkedIn tips and tricks, and how social media is changing selling.

Industry Buzz: Wellness, Turnover, Social Media

June 11, 2012 | posted in: Industry Buzz | tagged as: Hr, Social Media, Training, Sales, Links, Employee Relations, Selling
Too little time and too much to read? We've rounded up some of the best articles from around the web to help you get the most out of your reading time. This week: what to do when wellness programs fail, how to manage turnover, Twitter tools you aren't using (yet), managing your career (in just 9 minutes), and must-have apps for salespeople.

Finding the Nut: Driving Revenues Through Sales Process Efficiency

July 31, 2012 | posted in: Sales | tagged as: Operations, Selling, Recruiting, Sales
Ice Age Continental Drift was the second highest grossing movie this past weekend, in no small part thanks to its adorable character Scrat. If you’ve ever seen a promo for this or the three previous installments, you’ve no doubt seen Scrat the prehistoric squirrel chasing the perfect nut. No matter what perils he faces, no matter how hard he tries, that nut seems just out of his reach. Unfortunately, in sales, we are often faced with the same scenario.

Featured Jobs: Regional Director of Sales; Accountant (CPA)

September 20, 2012 | posted in: Featured Jobs | tagged as: Sales Management, Management, Accounting, Vendor Management, Finance, Featured Job, Sales, Professional Search, Selling, Business Development, Dealer Management
This week, we have two exciting job opportunities for financially-minded movers and shakers. We’re looking for a talented Regional Director of Sales and a CPA Accountant and to join dynamic employers located in South Florida.

Retailers bet big on seasonal hiring; why salespeople lose business; how to train for success

October 9, 2012 | posted in: Industry Buzz | tagged as: Sales Strategy, Selling, Retail Sales, Hiring, Seasonal Recruiting, Training, Entry Level Training, Seasonal Hiring, Sales, Recruitment, Generation Y
This week in the industry buzz: seasonal hiring is seeing a major uptick this year in anticipation of strong holiday sales; why salespeople lose business (and how to prevent this); the pros and cons of hiring based on experience; why talented young people are quitting their jobs (it’s not always about salary); and how to train employees for keeps.

Size Does Matter...So You Better Take Advantage of What You’ve Got

October 9, 2012 | posted in: Sales | tagged as: Small Business, Management, Product Delivery, Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Business, Market Penetration, Selling, Sales, Positioning, Marketing, Business Strategy
If you’ve ever worked for a small to medium business and had the fortune to receive an RFP only to find yourself competing against firms that dwarf your own, you probably understand the broad challenges that accompany this experience.

How Halloween Scares Up Big Retail Spending & Seasonal Jobs

October 30, 2012 | posted in: Sales | tagged as: Selling, Recruiting, Consumer Sales, Seasonal Hiring, Retail, Pop Up Stores, Hiring, Sales
Halloween does more than bring out the whimsy (and the sweet tooth) in us—it drives business in a big way. Halloween heralds the beginning of the spending season for consumers. Record numbers of Americans are expected to celebrate the holiday this year, projecting profits that are out of this world, and creating thousands of seasonal jobs.