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Building a Better Recruiting Experience: How First Impressions Make or Break the Hiring Process

October 30, 2012 | posted in: Human Resources | tagged as: Recruiting, Human Resources, Social Media, Interviewing, Applicant Experience, Hiring, Recruitment Advertising, Company Culture, Employer Branding, Hr
Companies have more ways than before of building their candidate pools. Tech savvy employers using multiple sources are able generate an influx of candidates. Yet, online channels allow not just employers, but potential employees to spread the word—good or bad—about job opportunities on a larger scale. For some employers, the ramifications of such widespread sharing can be downright scary.

A Recipe for a Ghoulishly Good Time: Why Fun in the Workplace Matters

October 30, 2012 | posted in: Operations | tagged as: Creativity, Sales, Employee Engagement, Company Culture, Operations, Teamwork, Competition, Selling, Teambuilding
Because we foster a bustling work hard/play hard culture here at ACA Talent, we’re always looking for new ways to liven up the work day and help all our team members feel involved. We’ve found that sprinkling a bit of fun among our professional obligations helps build camaraderie, closeness, and familiarity, which comes in handy when we’re in the trenches, doing whatever it takes to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

How Halloween Scares Up Big Retail Spending & Seasonal Jobs

October 30, 2012 | posted in: Sales | tagged as: Hiring, Recruiting, Selling, Pop Up Stores, Seasonal Hiring, Consumer Sales, Sales, Retail
Halloween does more than bring out the whimsy (and the sweet tooth) in us—it drives business in a big way. Halloween heralds the beginning of the spending season for consumers. Record numbers of Americans are expected to celebrate the holiday this year, projecting profits that are out of this world, and creating thousands of seasonal jobs.

Retailers bet big on seasonal hiring; why salespeople lose business; how to train for success

October 9, 2012 | posted in: Industry Buzz | tagged as: Sales, Recruitment, Hiring, Sales Strategy, Seasonal Hiring, Retail Sales, Seasonal Recruiting, Generation Y, Training, Selling, Entry Level Training
This week in the industry buzz: seasonal hiring is seeing a major uptick this year in anticipation of strong holiday sales; why salespeople lose business (and how to prevent this); the pros and cons of hiring based on experience; why talented young people are quitting their jobs (it’s not always about salary); and how to train employees for keeps.

Navigating Your Way to the Promised Land: Selecting the Right Recruiting Partner

October 9, 2012 | posted in: Operations | tagged as: Operations, Rpo, Vendor Selection, Business Strategy, Professional Search
Recruiting continues to evolve on many different levels. What was once a relatively simple solution has become more complex of late. Vendor selection used to comprise of a few basic choices: temp staffing, contingency, or retained search. Today, clients have other service offerings to consider. With the advent of the outsourced model (RPO) and the proliferation of the Internet, companies have many other options laid out before them, some of which may hold the key to a successful partnership.

Size Does Matter...So You Better Take Advantage of What You’ve Got

October 9, 2012 | posted in: Sales | tagged as: Business Strategy, Enterprise Business, Small Business, Selling, Product Delivery, Market Penetration, Positioning, Entrepreneurship, Management, Sales, Marketing
If you’ve ever worked for a small to medium business and had the fortune to receive an RFP only to find yourself competing against firms that dwarf your own, you probably understand the broad challenges that accompany this experience.

The Dos and Don'ts of Recruiting Sales Professionals

October 9, 2012 | posted in: Human Resources | tagged as: Hr, Candidate Qualification, Recruiting, Hiring, Sales Recruiting, Human Resources, Interviewing, Sales
Recruiting salespeople means matching the most qualified individual to the available position, rather than simply selling the candidate on the job. Because I firmly believe that salespeople are the hardest people to sell to, when I recruit for sales positions, my motto is, “Tell, don’t sell!”